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I love You…..

Sometimes it is not enough to assume…. there are times you must say and say you must over and over again.. so that you have never have to regret for not having said so… 

Darling I love you, for the person you are, for the joy you give me, for the light you bring in, for the smile on my face, for the odd tears (trust me you need that too)… For bringing the best in me…  For holding me when I fall and giving me the strength to go ever onward..For being my best of friends and my severest critic and correcting me when ever falter so that I can aspire to be best and for being my biggest inspiration behind cooking a hobby I have learnt to love….

I love you for sitting through my tears and the ever so comforting assurance and believing in me more that myself that I will be “just fine” even when you are not around… When you left 2 months back ( though I know it is only temporary) I felt my world crumbling literally. To the world I was brave with a smile on my face, telling them oh he will be back but my heart knows how much I cried and how much I was torn to see you go.. It was then that you held on to me and said “Nandini I am always there and when ever you are lonely just think of me and there will be a smile on your face and that smile will be mine.” Trust me, that statement of yours have kept me going all these days….

Above All I love you for loving me just as I am and I love you for who you are and always have been…. My dear .


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