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Its been a while since I last wrote… Well to be honest it has been a very busy last 5 months ( right a very cliched excuse for my procrastination).. To start with let me fill you up with all that has been happening. I got married .. Yes, I did and in one simple word marriage is pure bliss, yes, we have our share of fighting and screaming but love  continues to be the over-ridding factor… So we got married in November, had an awesome honeymoon in Thailand, set up my place in December, only to discover that my man was off to the States in January.. That left me completely heart-broken, I mean let us face it, we have just got married, give us a couple of month for Christ sake… But who is going to bell the cat, the IT Industry is devoid of any human emotions… And so he made his way to the US…  What of me; well we thought, mulled over and even kind of came to a conclusion, only to realise that it was simply impossible to adhere to any such plan.. We had to be together, so I took a call, wasn’t really very difficult because, I wanted a break, had been working for way too long so I decided to make my way to the Third continent but after 4 very long months…. I have to say this I missed him terribly…

So, I landed in King of Prussia, Philadelphia  (there is actually a place with that name) last Sunday.. The husband was there to receive me and believe you me , what a refreshing sight, after 4months and 22 hours of fight… So I came into my husband’s pad, a complete bachelor place, needed a fair bit of tweaking, but I really do not mind, I have set up houses in 2 continents so this should be fun more so when it is with my man..Endless trips to Walmart, Ikea and not to mention the Indian Store… But I am enjoying it, Setting up the house, cooking cleaning, washing and still managing to have some time to myself to reading, writing etc.. I mean while I was working I hardly did any housework, but I never had time to my self… A part of me always wanted to be a domestic goddess though I am far from it, but it feels nice to get things in order.. The third Continent has been so far rather welcoming… I do not know what lies ahead but for now domestic bliss is a rather welcome change and I am loving it….  


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