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If Meetings could kill then this is the Mother of all

So far, crazy day.. I mean really crazy..  I had to sit through a room full of very very eminent people who could talk endlessly about pretty much anything in the digital space.. It is fun for a while but then if you have to hear them jabbering about strategies you know will hardly ever work and a boss who is pretty much cringing  at ever second suggestion they make, trust me it is not fun..Not to say I am digital phobic, I can’t afford to be after working for an Industry Association that promotes one, but to hear out I don’t know how many hours of jabber jibber any sane guy would loose their patience and the only thing to look forward to is very very salty food and deep fried savories with super sweet cookies.. Oh no I don’t think I would have the energy to pretend that I was having a good time.. After a while award shows, digital summit, strategy groups just became heavy sounding words from people who had otherwise run out of vocabulary..  Given the nature of my job I sit in  I don’t know how many committee meetings and as an association employee, normally as an observer or organiser of such events so I am  used to such blabbering and ji-jabs but rarely are they painful… This was seriously seriously torture and trust me even a whole box of paracetamols and analgesics would not be enough.. Now if this wasn’t bad enough hold on I have another committee to sit in in 25 minutes and this one talks of Mobile Value added services which means 20 members at each other’s throat and short of throttling anything is possible… That is what I have been told. This is my first.. All I have to say is dear God Help me!!!  


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