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There are no Boundaries in your Love:

Lately I have been reading Tagore a fair bit, to be honest I always found his novels to be dramatic, high strung and at times rather absurd.. That was when I truly understood the essence of his stories and how he effortlessly portrays every character in its own skin and how he weaves an interplay of emotions, whether it is Binodini asha and Mahendra in Chokherbali or Hem and Ramesh , Kamala and Nalinaksha or it is Labanya and Amit Ray of Shesher Kobita.. How intricately he plays with the human mind, how vividly he portrays human emotions whether that of a man or a woman and how deeply he goes to the heart of every character. The best thing about reading his novel is that you are a part of the story and you are living what these characters are and experiencing similar emotions and when any single character suffers it is like you and me suffering.. I remember in Gora finds out about his true identity and the turmoil he goes through and the dilemma he is in, it is like I fought all my life for an identity which never belonged to me, I still remember how I cried after reading Gora, rarely does that happen. For me there is a very strong emotional connection when it comes to Tagore…  For me,  their appeal, stemming from the combination of emotion and beauty surpasses most of what I have read and understood all my life.. For me Tagore is the very essence of my existence, it flows in my veins, In his works I have found solace and taken refuge in those dark dis paring moments of my life. In joy and in sadness I have taken him name through his music, I have laughed with his stories and cried with his heroes and heroines.  It has been so long that I cannot remember when it all started, but what I know my admiration knows no bounds when it comes this Grand Old Man.

A few words I pen down inspired from his song Tomaro Ashime

There are no boundaries of your love,
It is ever flowing, it is boundless,
With you in my life
No pain was hard enough for me to bear
No sorrow deep for me to endure
Even the dark image of Death could not deter  me

 But with you gone,
I would die a thousand death every day 
I am incomplete,lonely and unfinished 
My heart cries out endlessly, just as the river cries for the banks 
My tears speak my heart
Non see the fire of emotions in me, As you see it with a blink of an eye
Holding you to me  and touching you;
For me: is attaining salvation 
My dear there are no boundaries in your love.. 


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