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May that Finally Was!!

I lived through.. I survived May, For the first time in 14 years nothing went wrong, no accidents (well almost), let us just put it this way  nothing major… No Deaths however close or distant family and friends.. Just the one bout of depression and that too was well handled.. An oh so smooth May I had always hoped and wished for finally came my way.. 

Credits :
 D.A. for instilling this belief in me that this too shall pass.. A year back D.A. held this belief and a year   on, D.A. thank you.. for your keeping you faith when mine faltered …Without you this would not have been possible.. But to thank you will be an insult to our relationship.. just a heartfelt gratitude…

Mum and Dad: Every year since that fateful year, you stood firm in your conviction that there will come that one May when I would laugh again and I could say that my tears would finally bring me laughter. Priceless support!!!

And where do I start.. You my dear, did what none could ever manage to do, you taught me to laugh in May.. You taught me to be happy and mostly you taught me to look beyond my depression and appreciate all that is.. And for all the love that became my shield my strength to tide through this… Your love got me to believe, to hope for, to dream off and of all to smile and to live.. A feeling impossible pen down.. Just that; I keep wondering how is one capable of so much love……….. 

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The Months that were.
Right, I am back after a fairly long hiatus.. The past two months have been so hectic, it is almost like being on a roller-coaster ride. On the professional front ; I changed jobs, got involved in a sector I had never explored and got my hands on a work plan, I never thought I would get involved in.. A student of Politics and History is now bringing out digital marketing year books, Working on Market research and producing E-commerce reports, coupled with the odd brand building procedure and formulating market projections to name a few. Not to say that I do not enjoy my current work area, it is just that I had never thought I would land up in such a scenario. Oh well, there is always a first time to everything and one has something or the other to learn from in terms of the work they do.  But I have a great working space, wonderful colleagues and a very helpful and clear cut Boss, so help is always a knock away. But the one not so good aspect of my current profile, probably the only bit that I don not enjoy is the eating out bit every odd day, now that kills my system not to mention the extra mile that I need to run on the treadmill.. The trials of the job.. 
On the family front.. Last month has been quite eventful..It started with my sisters’ birthdays, followed by my brother’s visit and a hope that he will finally make it to the alter. then off course it was dad’s birthday, the much awaited, eagerly expected Hyderabad trip and finally culminating with dad’s retirement. After 36 years of serving the Government and holding a fair bit of accolades, he closed shop on 30th of April.. 28 of which he had dedicated to the top intelligence agency of the country and suddenly, it seems it is an end of an era. But one good thing in this was, I got to see the National Police academy, where my dad was trained to adorn the IPS uniform and the responsibilities that came with it.. It was proud moment indeed, The Pass-out, the alma-mater, his better half and a very proud daughter.. The best thing in all this was, seeing my Grandfather’s name and my father’s name side by side as father and son, in the service of the nation….A priceless experience….
On the personal front.. things have taken a whole some shape, I met the man of my dreams, fell in love, I mean I am still in the process of falling in love but, you know it is this wonderful feeling, you feel wanted, loved and there is a tremendous satisfaction..You know he is there, he is looking over you and you have so much love to turn to, that sometimes you wonder whether you at all deserve it.. For me, my man Prithwish, is just the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.. His kind and loving nature, his ever smiling face and his perpetual assurance that things will fall in place and all will be well, is an immense sense of relief coupled with the reassurance that no matter what happens, when ever I turn around, he will be there waiting for me, looking out for me and ever willing helping hand.. While I had always wished that I would some day fall in love with a man of similar qualities, I had never hoped that such a thing would happen and that such men were a figment of my imagination.. I know it is still too early, and Prithwish and I have a long road ahead, there will be ups and downs, rights and wrongs, yeses and nos, but as they say morning shows the day, the indications are good and for once I am hopeful that as long as we are together, the rest will eventually fall in place.. It is a life time of commitments, adjustments and endurance and I for once am totally convinced that this is what I want and this is where I am meant to be.. I have no qualms in admitting that I am hopelessly in love with this man, not for the sake of love, but for the man he is and for the life we  would have together.. So yes, it is indeed a wonderful feeling to love to adore, to be loved and to be adored by a man who means the world to you..
I could not find a better song than this to describe my love and dedication for this lovely man 🙂

All in all it is has been an eventful couple of months.. For the first time I am not skeptical about the Month of May as I have always been, given due to past incidents.. For the first time I feel this jinx might just be broken and a start to something fresh and happy.. Though I still keep my fingers crossed.. just so that I can be sure… But it is good to be back!!!!  

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A Start of a New Journey… Together

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Happy Birthday my darling… Oh how I wished I was with you.. I missed you more than ever. How  I would have cradled you held you and wished you over a million times. The very thought of you in a distant land, away from your family, from your love from the life you have known.. It wrenches my heart to think that this Birthday you would have spent wondering and reflecting on all the Birthdays that you spent with loved ones.. Yes, I know we are not children anymore but the thing is no matter how old you get, this is one day when you wish you were treated like a priced pampered child.. this does not change really… 

Yes, you return in 2 day’s time and the celebration continues from then on.. and perhaps for all the Birthdays to come in this lifetime.. Nonetheless, the sadness of that day of being alone lingers on….. Darling I know how hard it is… But then again as I whimper by myself, I cannot help but not think of all that is yet to come and all that we are yet to share.. Suddenly, in all this sadness there is a sense of hope and there is assurance that this life, what ever may come, it will be a one long wonderful journey with all its ups and downs, a road well traveled with you by my side…

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Bhalobashi Bhalobashi, As in I love thee, I love thee…
In all that exists, in this universe, in all its music, I love thee,,

The very song that I use to cringe on listening has now become music to my ears.
I cannot help but not listen to this over and over again.. It transcends me to a time and place
that i have dreamt all my life and patiently waited for it to come
And as I see my self standing  in a new threshold  of my life and dream of all that in to come,
I  smile at my self and say Bhalobashi Bhalobashi 🙂 And the feeling is beyond any possible quantification …….